The Creative Director - Danilo Giannoni

Danilo Giannoni is the creative soul behind the brand - a passionate artist and jewelry designer who has found his true love. It all started with his own creation of the Jaclyn Pendant - a pendant that he designed as the first gift for his special love.

As a little boy, he was inspired by his mother's few pieces of jewelry. His mother has always told him a story of each piece and every story was full of romance. Already during the early years, he was dreaming that one day he will create his own jewelry and each will emote a story.

When he went to the Jewelry School Valenza, the world of Jewelry Drawing and Making, he was truly inspired by the fine details of perfection. He gathered a lot of insights from travelling and listened to a lot of people telling him about the story of their ring, pendant or necklace.

In Turkey, Danilo encountered the ancient technique of painting on the surface of the water called "Ebru". After putting the colours of emotions on the water, it can be transferred onto paper or canvas.

This fascinated him so deeply that since then Danilo not only designed jewelry for multinational luxury brands but also started to dedicate himself to this art.

Danilo has travelled and worked in jewelry design around the world across four continents. With over 20 years of experience, inspired by his own love story, he wants to share his passion with everyone - the passion of creating a unique piece for oneself or someone special.

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