Giamore Custom Design

We want to share the emotion of the creative process and bring unique pieces of jewelry to life. You can choose between two types of custom design services: 

1) Use existing Product with your preferred material and precious stones

You can choose from our existing products designed by our Creative Director Danilo Giannoni and choose different precious metal, stones or diamonds. 

2) Design from scratch customization

Our Creative Director Danilo Giannoni offers unique consultation and guides the client from the first sketch to shaping the idea to a piece of bespoke art.

Simply send your request with the Product ID to and let us know what material should be used for your piece of jewelry. Feel free to contact our team and we will  support you with further suggestions.

Custom Design Step 1

1) Create your idea

Danilo listens to the story of your idea and involves you in the design process.

Custom Design Step 2

2) Choose Materials

During the process you will learn about the use of different materials to make your dream come true.

Custom Design Step 3

3) Production

We will incorporate the final piece and you will receive your own unique piece of jewelry.