Our Mission

Giamore is here to make a statement. Based in sunny Singapore, our team consists of passionate believers that luxury should be made accessible for everyone. Without compromising on style, our mission is to create timeless pieces through quality, transparency and accountability.


The Fine Jewelry Industry involves almost 10x the actual cost. Giamore aims to switch things up and make the marriage of luxury and style to be accessible by selling directly to you. We own a state of the art Atelier in Singapore where everything is handcrafted in-house strictly using only the finest materials and quality craftsmanship. With technology being increasingly advanced, Giamore aims to leverage on that to educate on fine jewelry to encourage consumers to be more inquisitive about their intended purchases.

Fair Pricing

All the magic from start to end happens in-house. Proudly supporting local talent, Giamore is empowered by a team of passionate and experienced designers and gold-smiths. This eliminates any middle-man fees and we are able to break free from the norms of traditional retail markups. Strongly advocating our direct-to-consumer model, our team is thrilled to make luxury accessible to you.

Our Materials

Here at Giamore, we insist on using Solid Gold as it's what's on the inside that truly matters. By using Solid Gold, you can be assured that your pieces would not tarnish and is also an investment which can be passed on as a heirloom for generations. We are also leveraging on blockchain technology to track gemstones from mining to certification and after sales, being very transparent about the origins of each stone, so that you can be assured that our diamonds and gemstones are all strictly ethically sourced
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