The Brand

Giamore is an Italian jewelry brand dedicated to the creation of bespoke luxury jewelry with an individual flair. Collections of Giamore consist of artful and creative pieces of jewelry of the finest quality.

Danilo Giannoni, an Italian artist and jewelry designer had a kismet moment when he first met a very special woman. It was literally a "gia amore" moment, meaning "already in love" and he wanted to show his affection by presenting her with a gift on one of their first dates - something not too overwhelming but also meaningful. However, Danilo felt that nothing could be the perfect gift for her. He struggled to find the perfect jewelry that could reflect his love and express her identity. Hence, he decided to follow his passion and channel his emotion into the design of a pendant. This special woman is now his wife.

Read more about Danilo Giannoni — Italian designer and creative mastermind, representing the heart of Giamore – and his vision.

Danilo believes that each piece of jewelry has to be designed with passion and it has to emote an identity.

He constantly pushes himself beyond his creative limit to help others find their perfect piece of jewelry.

Giamore was born. Since then, Danilo and his team pursued their vision to create a brand that is inspired by love. Love is indescribable and impossible to express. With Giamore, they would like to remind everyone of feeling love at first sight, "gia amore", and create ways to express it.

Giamore has special pieces to cater to every need. Besides a ready-made collection, the company can help bring your ideas to life by offering unique bespoke design consultancy. There are various stages where you can conceptualize and create your own precious piece of jewelry; either at inception with the first sketch; conception with a choice of materials; or with creative modifications. You can create unique pieces to make your dream a reality.

Giamore - for bespoke luxury jewelry with an individual flair.

Jaclyn Collection

Giamore was born with the Jaclyn collection. Discover these beautiful and elegant pieces.